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Contents of this Document

The Current System

The Proposed System

The Current System

<brief description: 1 or 2 paragraphs>


The Proposed System: Needs

<list or narrative description of the needs for a new or modified system. 1 paragraph to 1 page>


The Proposed System: Users and Modes of Operation

<Brief (1 - 3 sentences each) description of each class of user and each mode of operation for the proposed system>


The Proposed System: Operational Scenarios

<Brief (1 paragraph each) description of the major operational scenarios for the proposed system. Include typical scenarios and a few atypical scenarios (errors, high risk situations, etc.)>


The Proposed System: Operational Features

Must Have: <list of these features, in priority order>

Would Like to Have: <list of these features, in priority order>


The Proposed System: Expected Impacts

<Brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the expected impacts of the proposed system development and implementation>


The Proposed System: Analysis

Expected Improvements: <list them>

Disadvantages: <list them>

Limitations: <list them>

Risks: <list them>

Alternatives and Tradeoffs: <list them>

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