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Detailed Design

EEL 5881 - Software Engineering - Fall 2000

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Design Issues

Detailed Design Information

Trace of Requirements to Design

Design Issues: 

Detailed Design Information:

UML Static Structure Diagrams

TransitionWindow and the classes around it:UML Diagram of
   TransitionWindow and it's surrounding classes

StateList and the classes around it:UML Diagram of StateList and it's
   surrouding classes

TransGUIHolder and the classes around it:UML Diagram of TransGUIHolder and it's
   surrouding classes

TransitionHolder and the classes around it:UML Diagram of TransitionHolder and it's
   surrouding classes

Descriptions of Classes:

Final Class Structure

Trace of Requirements to Design:

Req. No.Location of implementation
No. 1cell class will provide a user friendly editting environment for the user to change the initial conditions of the simulation.
No. 2The TransitionWindow class will provide the user an interface to change the transition parameters for each state. The user can reprogram the transition rules by recoding the following transition classes and the transition's GUI classes.
No. 3The user will edit the way the simulation will be executed through interfaces provided in the cell class.
No. 4The simulation will be saved through the cell class using one of the serialization classes. The transition and state properties will be saved through the TransitionWindow's GUI interface.
No. 5The TransitionA and TransGUIA (and similar classes) will provide a way for the user to easily reprogram the transition rules.
No. 6This functionality will be provided by the TransitionWindow and NewStateWindow classes.
No. 7This functionality will be provided by two buttons on the transition editting window controlled by the TransitionWindow and TWButtonListener classes.

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