Build Instructions

  1. Download and install Java 2 SDK V1.3: Go to Sun's Java website and download the Java 2 SDK V1.3 for the operating system that the product will be using. Follow the instructions on the website to ensure that the compiler and runtime environment work properly
  2. Copy program files to local writeable drive: Copy all the .java and .class files to a local directory. All saved files should be kept with the program to ensure that different versions of the program don't try to share the same save files.
  3. Compile the program: Compile the class. For PC's using Windows 9x or NT, go to the MS-DOS Command Prompt. Change the directory to the directory where the program is stored. Then type in java If the compiler works, it will simply process for a while, and then bring a new command prompt up.
  4. Run the program: Execute the CSim.class file. This is accomplished on a Windows 9x or NT maching by typing java CSim after step #3.
  5. Recompiling all classes: If the program has been compiled once, but now some changes have been made to the code, it is best to recompile all the classes. This can be accomplished by erasing all the old classes and compiling the program as normal. To delete all the classes under a MS-DOS prompt, type del *.class.

For more detailed installation information, please see the user's manual.

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