Meeting on Friday, September 27, 2000

Informal Science Education Group #2
September 27, 2000
Dr. Moshell's office(CS 234)



Discussion, decisions, and assignments

Discussion and choice of possible projects: Talked about some basic Cellular Automata games and simulations.

Discussion of Cellular Automata simulations: Talked about some of the desired traits of a simulation. What past simulations have been able to do and their shortcomings. Some different ways the cells can interact with each other.

Gather some requirements for software: Need a design tool to simulate Cellular Automata experiments with. Must be able to create initial conditions in a graphical way, and also be able to modify large areas of cells very easily. Must be able to capture snapshots of the simulation area for later display. Must be able to save snapshots at set intervals for later display. Must be able to easily and effectivly set up and modify transition rules in a user-friendly interface (along with the ability to import code that expresses transition rules).

Tentative agenda for next meeting

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