Summary and Conclusions

Michael Wales -
EEL 5874 - Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering

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Overall Summary

The project was very successful. I was able to create a very user-friendly interface to an expert system shell that is very complex. The web interface was an optional requirement that I wanted to do, and I put the framework in for it fairly early. The system was created to be very expandable, and very modular. That really helped when I took the initial prototype and adapted it to the web system. I was able to simply change out a few modules and have the system work perfectly.

The system seems to be free of any bugs. When used properly, I don't think it would ever have any problems. The web server application has been the only part of the system that has ever stopped prematurely. Fortunately, the application seems to be much more stable, and I typically have to kill the process to update the knowledge behind it.

The project was very challenging, and I was able to expose myself to a field of Computer Engineering that I had not even touched before. I felt very good that I was able to use my past Software Engineering experience to really expand the application into something that is much more robust. I'm very pleased with how the project came out, and I plan on highlighting it on my web-site for a long time.

Lessons Learned

Magnitude of Project

Rule Count37 Rules
Max Number of Rules fired during execution260
Max Number of facts created during execution160
Size of file36 kB
Time spent coding30 hours

Source Code Modules:
Source FileLinesTime
CAConnection.java82 lines0.5 hours
CAWebClient.java69 lines0.5 hours
ComputerAdvice.java23 lines1 hour
HardwareCosts.java240 lines8 hours
HardwareListCatagory.java13 lines0.5 hours
JessInterface.java161 lines6 hours
JessInterfaceToWeb.java200 lines3 hours
JESSReader.java37 lines1 hour
Total825 lines20.5 hours