Current Software Programs on

Linux vs Windows BenchmarkingFall 2005Some benchmark testing I conducted comparing Windows and Linux performance, and x86 versus x86-64 performance.
Knowledge Based System ProjectSpring 2002Class project for EEL5874. It's a application that recommends computer hardware components based on ther user's computer's needs.
Loan payment calculator appletFall 2001I made this applet in about 1 and a half hours integrating it with some source code I already had. It's a Java applet that will calculate a loan payment for the user. I use it to estimate the cost of my house.
MiniChatFall 2001A Java chat server/client program. Experimented with JavaDoc for the first time to do the documentation, and am pleased to say it works exceptionally well.
Learning PHP (Temporarily disabled due to no PHP support on server)Fall 2001After Senior Design finished, I wanted to learn some stuff to improve the content of my website. I quickly purchased a book on PHP and started coding up some stuff. All of my code on my websites that is generated dynamically is generated with PHP.
Robot ControllerSpring - Summer 2001This page has some information on my Senior Design project. We are working on creating a computer interface to control a robot. Eventually this software will be used for simulation programs to create extremely intelligent AI for a rather "dumb" robot.
HTMLGenSpring 2001This is a Java program I am working on that will be used by me and other web designers to automatically create thumbnails and HTML for webpages.
CSimFall 2000This is a Software Engineering I project Jeff Miller and I worked on at UCF. It was developed to be a general purpose tool to simulate Cellular Automata simulations on. It turns out it can do simulations like Cellular Automata and a whole lot more.
Gymnastic Warfare1996This is a program that I created in C and in Pascal during 10th and 11th grade in high school. It is a pure text based application. I hope to one day find the time to create a Java applet update with some nice graphics for this game. The code is some pretty ugly stuff, it was developed far before I knew anything about "software engineering".
Java Maze1998This is a program I developed for a Software Engineering I presentation on Java applets. It is a graphical version of a maze program that was developed in my Intro to Computer Engineering class as a text based program.