Trip to Asheville, NC

Michael Wales

Regina had seen snow before on a ski trip when she was younger, and I saw it once before as a baby (but don't remember). So I consider this my first time really getting to see snow. On our way there in Georgia and South Caroline we got to see some flurries falling. Once we got into North Carolina the next day, the snow wasn't falling anymore, but they had alot of it on the ground.

On our way to Asheville we stopped by Jed's parents home in Shelby and went sledding.

The pictures in the mountains were taken on our way to Sugar Mountain to go tubing. We actually went through Tennessee for some of the trip too.

We found a great big hill near our cabin to go snowing on, and had a blast there. GPS said it was about 65 ft of elevation change, and my phone clocked a top speed of 19 miles/hour at the bottom of the hill.

Finally on the last day there, the snow was starting to get wet enough to make snowmen. We made a small one at the Biltmore House, and then a bigger one near our cabin.

--- Article last updated: January 15, 2011 ---