Grand Canyon

Michael Wales

We traveled over to the west rim Grand Canyon skywalk. We didn't really know what to expect because the skywalk's website at the time said that the skywalk was seized earlier this year by the Hualapai Indian Tribal Council. We heard it was still open for business as usual, so we took a day trip to check it out anyways.

The main Grand Canyon national park is supposed to be a better view, but it would have given us about 6 more hours of traveling time. We did have to pay a fee to go the viewing sites by bus, and there was an additional fee for the skywalk. We pretty much universally agreed that the skywalk was kind of a waste. You get just as good as a view from the sides that you can walk over to as you do from the skywalk. Interestingly enough, we heard another group talking to one of the workers there about the dispute between the Indians and the US corporation that developed it, and they refer to the dispute as a "merger".

Well it may not be the best possible view of the Grand Canyon, but it was still very breathtaking. It's kinda scary to walk over right to the side of the canyon and look over it.

I also took a 5 pictures with my SLR and stitched them together on my PC to form a panoramic photo of one of the sites. It came out really good.

--- Article last updated: May 24, 2012 ---