2012 Parker and Zachary Birthday

Michael Wales

The day before their birthday we gave the boys new 18" bicycles. Only Zachary's came with training wheels. We tried to see if the boys would take 1 training wheel each since they have been riding for a little bit with training wheels anyways. That didn't go over so hot. So after much crying and carrying on, we went back and got Parker his own set of training wheels.

Celebrated the boys birthday at Pump It Up. They have a bunch of inflatables inside including obstacle course, slide, basket ball court, and something we used for dodge-ball. We were completely wore out afterwards.

We came home and opened had the boys open the gifts they received. One of the gifts was a remote control boat. The boys decided they had to try it out immediately, so we all went to the neighborhood park where we have a big lake to try it in.

--- Article last updated: November 4, 2012 ---