Orlando Maker Faire 2016

Michael Wales

I asked the boys this year if they wanted to go to the Maker Faire with me in Orlando. Parker wasn't interested, but Zachary decided to check it out with me. He really enjoyed the section where you could take something apart. We first took apart some soft of wireless access point or desktop bridge device. He found a Cat-5 cable on a springed spool that he carried around the whole day until it got lost at some point. My mom also helped him take apart a Direct TV DVR system.

The other highlight for Zachary was getting to try out the VR stuff. He waited in line several times and i think visited every VR demo that was at the Faire. He talked it up so much when he got home that Parker has demanded that I take him next time so he can try it too.

--- Article last updated: September 21, 2016 ---