Twins 9th Birthday

Michael Wales

For Parker and Zachary's 9th Birthday we had a small family get together at the house, but then the next weekend we took the whole family to a mini-vaction in Orlando.

Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). We spent the first day in Disney Quest. It's a gigantic arcade with a lot of really fun arcade games, and some interactive experiences. We did the pirate ship adventure twice, and had lots of fun. The system link NASCAR game was tons of fun as well.

After a 1-night stay in the Universal Hotel, we went to Gator Land. Saw lots of cool alligators and crocodiles. Saw some really big cats like bobcats and Florida Panthers. At the end the brave few of us wrestled a baby alligator from one of the large mama alligators. We then sat on top of it and posed for pictures with it's young. Here is the photographic proof if you don't believe me!

--- Article last updated: November 3, 2016 ---