2017 North Carolina Vacation

Michael Wales

Some pictures from around the cabin. Our cabin was in Bakersville, NC. We had to drive up some really steep gravel mountain roads to get to our cabin. The first attempt to climb the mountain ended us with stuck on one of the inclines, spinning tires, and forced to travel back down the mountain in reverse. After one of the locals showed us proper mountain road driving techniques (mostly just go a lot faster), we were able to make it up to the top. It was still exciting:

But once you got to the cabin, the view and sights were great. Our cabin was in the Pisgah National Forest, about a mile from the Tennessee border. We had a beautiful little creek behind the cabin that we walked over to. One of the kids decided to climb down a rope tied to a cinder block to get down to the forest floor level.

The kids did zip lining in the mountains one day, and one day we traveled to Grandfather Mountain. We traveled part of the way on the Blue Ridge Parkway (that where the kids are in the field with all of the wildflowers). On our way to the top of Grandfather Mtn we stopped and took some pictures at the split rock. They also had a nature center where we were able to check out some bears.

But the best part of the trip was definitely the view from the top of Grandfather Mtn. You can see for miles in just about any directions.

Hiking one of the trails at Grandfather Mountain.

Driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way home. We stopped to check out almost every overlook there was. The park was beautiful. At one of the stops I noticed that the tires on the van were starting to wear into the belts on the tread closest to the inner sidewall, so we had to leave the Blue Ridge Parkway and head towards Brevard, NC. We only got to drive about 100 miles or so, so we have a good excuse to come revisit it again.

After we left the Blue Ridge Parkway to bring the van into town for repair, we drove through a very pretty section of the Pisgah forest. On the way, we drove by a spectacular Looking Glass waterfall.


Some full resolution panoramic photos I took of some of the overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway. These are the full resolution of the photo I have stitched together with Hugin from multiple photos I stitched together.

Below here is the full photo collection in random order:

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