2018 Initial Test Flight of the Falcon Heavy Rocket

Michael Wales

What a perfect day to watch the launch of the now largest rocket in use
today. The launch was delayed right to the end of the window due to
upper level winds being a little too high. But at 3:45 Elon Musk and the
team at SpaceX gave the whole Space Coast quite a show.

We drove over near the river, and walked right down to the water to watch.
I didn't even realize it at first, but in my first photos I take of the VAB,
you can see the Falcon Heavy sitting on the launch pad. We were able to
clearly see it do it's initial burn. But after the engine shut down on
the first stages, it became very hard to track with the naked eye. We
briefly saw the burn where it is slowing down as it is descending, and then
the final landing burn was easily visible. After they landed we heard 2
pairs of sonic boom pairs. They weren't as loud today as I've heard from
the Space Shuttle when it passes close by for a landing at KSC though.

In one of the shots, you can also see the cores soon after they detach
from the rocket.

--- Article last updated: February 6, 2018 ---