Daytona USA

Michael Wales

Each year the winning car of the Daytona 500 gets impounded for 1 year and has to stay in the Daytona USA attraction at the speedway. I got to go down and see Dale Earnhardt's car after he won his 500, and there was no way I was going to miss seeing his son's winning car either.

David and I went up to Daytona USA for the day. We went across the street and had some fun in the Nitro Alley dragsters. At Daytona USA we had a great time. I took the pit stop challenge and volunteered for to try it myself. The challenge is to get 1 tire changed in less than 14 seconds. I successfully changed the tire in less than 14 seconds, even with my tire carrier kinda fumbling on mounting the new tire. It was really fun. Look for me on the NASCAR circuit real soon.

We also were allowed to take pictures right next to Dale Jr's car if you bought a picture from the attraction. So we both opted to do that, and they let us put our hands all over the car (even though it clearly says not too, not that the sigh would have stopped me anyways). It was kinda like touching a little piece of history.

--- Article last updated: August 19, 2006 ---