Saw Some Funny Looking Cars

Michael Wales

Driving along, and I see a Mustang with racing stripes pulling up behind me. What's that, a Steeda Mustang! Fear not though... This isn't your typical Steeda Mustang, this is a Steeda Mustang on a heavy diet of steamed rice. Here is the evidence in no particular order

1. Licencse plate has STEEDA 6
2. Licencse plate bracket says SIX PACK
3. Front fenders badged V6HO <-- Fake badge aka RICE
4. SVT badge on back (top left, hard to see) <-- False badge, SVT never made 6 cylinder Mustangs RICE
5. Cheesy gas gap
6. Dual center-mounted exhaust. This would have been acceptable on a V8, but not on this rice mobile.
7. Blacked out tail lights
8. Window fins???
9. Aircraft size wing

Granted, not all of the above is rice, but when a person obviously spends more money on making the car look fast, and less on going fast, it becomes rice.

The second car is one I found at Kinkos. The guy was in getting new posters laminated to put on the car. Check out the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. It's a far cry from putting an aircraft wing on your truck. Interior looked pristine.

These pictures were taken April 18, 2002

--- Article last updated: April 22, 2002 ---