Home Construction: Set #3

Michael Wales

Set 1:
I had just finished wiring what I needed for the low voltage wires for the house. There is alot of stuff that is going into the walls of our house. Here is a rundown of what went into our walls:

1. 120V electric stuff
2. Low volatge wiring (TV, Telephone, Computer, Speakers)
3. Alarm wires
4. Pest Defence tubes
5. Central vacuum
6. Radient barrier (just below the roof)
7. Insulation

Set 2:
My dad, Regina, and I had to go over to the house and clean up all the trash that was laying everywhere. The drywall guys were also there hanging up the drywall in the garage, laundry room, and the two bedrooms.

Set 3:
They finished hanging our drywall. They only have to finish taping the joints, sanding, and then adding the texturing.

--- Article last updated: March 20, 2002 ---