Sebring 2007: All the other crazy stuff

Michael Wales

The first 2 girls are Speed TV World Challenge models for the races. They end up hanging all over the drivers after they win while they do interviews and stuff.

The pretty girl in the Ferrari shirt was part of the Whelen racing team that won the Speed GT race.

The picture of the truck is from the zoo. This guy stopped right in front of the zoo mob, and started arguing with one of the local drunks. Anyways, while he took the time to run his mouth, his beer cooler was paying his toll. I think he 'donated' about 20 bears to the zoo locals.

Lots of taser action in the zoo too. The girl in the pink shirt standing up in her sun roof is threatening to start tazing the next drunk that tries to enter her car. I also got to see the local sheriff taze somebody (that was a first for me).

--- Article last updated: March 18, 2007 ---