Sebring 2007: First Day

Michael Wales

We got to the track just before noon today. It's the earliest we have ever been to the track, but it was already more difficult to park than ever before for us. We set up between turns 1 and 2. It wasn't really bad parking yet, but it looks like this years crowd will be larger than ever.

I went out and took some pictures of the ALMS combined practice. I was trying out some of the features of my new Canon Digital Rebel XT camera that I got for Christmas. I was very impressed with some of the pictures I was able to get. By changing exposure length and ISO setting I was able to achieve some cool effects. Some pictures have just the tires blurred (some speed), the entire background blurred (lots of speed), or no blurring at all (and you can even read the tire's lettering).

There were no big incidents from what I heard in practice, so the walk around the paddock didn't reveal any gory cars. Most were just getting the usual clean up work done to them. We saw one of the new Audi R8 street cars in the paddock, the car looks great. Also saw a Corvette Z06 pace car, maybe it will make an appearance in the 12 hour race.

Finally, we took some pictures of some of the vintage race cars out practicing. Unfortunately, there was only 1 1st generation Camaro.

Generally, the race car turnout is a little low for some reason. Only 3 cars in P1, and 3 in GT1. GT2 is gonna be a good fight, with 10 Porsches vs 9 others (5 Ferrari F430, 3 Panoz Esperante, 1 Spyker C8).

--- Article last updated: March 14, 2007 ---