Sebring 2007: Second Day Part 1

Michael Wales

Watched the morning practice sessions on the berm overlooking turns 2, 3, and 4. A couple of cars got off course and had spins. The worst off was the #53 Panoz who lost it coming off turn 1 and crashed pretty hard into the wall. He was OK and the car made it out for evening practice later in the day.

Next, the Speed TV World Challenge touring division came out. Pretty early on, Espenlaub overshot turn 3 in his Mazda and broke the suspension when he landed in the grass.

The front wheel drive cars corner with their usual but always strange looking one rear tire in the air. The Audi AWD cars started using a sequential gear box (according to the on air TV broadcast), and Herr and Crescentini were driving the wheels off their two cars. They spent many-a-corner sideways from what I could tell. The RWD BMWs looked pretty stable and easy driving in this division.

The World Challenge practice was less dramatic. One 911 spun out harmlessly in front of us. 2 Cadillacs, one driven by Cadillac veteran Andy Pilgrim, and the other is driven by pro driver Aschenbach. Wicht had a early 90s 4th gen Camaro, but failed to qualify. A pair of GTOs were also present and looking pretty fast driven by Hayner and Moxlow.

--- Article last updated: March 15, 2007 ---