Sebring 2007: Second Day Part 2

Michael Wales

Got to see the #3 Corvette, #45 Flying Lizards Porsche, and #62 Ferrari go through scrutineering and inspection.

In the pics you can see some pictures of the damage the #53 Panoz got in the morning practice.

You can see the crew of the #4 Corvette working on the air conidtioning unit. Apparently, the Corvette is well under the minimum weight required by ALMS rules, so they have to add ballast. They decided to add AC to increase driver comfort since the closed cockpit vehicles are incredibly hot during the race. The AC unit looks like a DC motor (an alternator perhaps?) turning a regular passenger car compressor.

I walked behind the Audi pits during qualifying. It was amazing. They have 13 engineers at computer terminals during the session. You would think they were lauching a rocket into space

Other sites I saw in the paddock:
- Hand carved Michellin tire (I don't think the Michellin man does much for wet water traction)
- Speed TV World Challenge models
- 30th Anniversary Camaro Z28 with a very rare LT4 (330HP) engine
- Neon SRT-4 from WC TC division getting a new timing chain (looks like a real bear to work on)
- Porsche engine for sale
- Chevy showcase

--- Article last updated: March 15, 2007 ---