Sebring 2007: Third Day Part 2

Michael Wales

Lots of carnage from the Porsche GT3 race. The middle of the day was very wet so I stayed inside of the camper for a few hours while the nasty weather passed over.

Thats the coolest MG I've ever seen. I believe it's called the MG X-Power. Beautiful car. I beleive it's been featured on Top Gear before too. I also saw a Panoz Esperante in the pits too.

As I walked throught the paddock I got some good closeups of the Speed TV WC GT cars going to the staging area for their afternoon race.

Friday was real nice in the morning, then was real stormy in the middle of the day with most of the racing and practice delayed or cancelled. Then it cleared up some for the Speed TV World Challenge GT race.

There was some drama before the race for the teams because they had to pick whether they wanted to start the race on rain tires or slicks. In the end, I think most of them started the race on slicks.

Curran in the Whelen Corvette ran away from the and built a huge lead before a full course caution came out. Lou Gigliotti got up to around second before his LG Motorsports Corvette broke something in the drivetrain. Stu Hayner has never had any luck with his GTO at Sebring, and his bad luck also continued. He worked his way up to 4th place before he had to retire the car.

Eric Curran was able to hold out even after the cautions to secure his well deserved victory.

--- Article last updated: March 16, 2007 ---