A Day to Remember

Michael Wales

Yesterday, April 16, 2007, was quite a day for the Wales family. It unfortunately happens to be the day of the massacre at Virginia Tech, but we will always remember the happiness we experienced yesterday.

Regina had an appointment with the baby doctor at 8:00 AM yesterday. The nurse operating the ultrasound machine told us she would first look at the top of her stomach before looking at the babies closeup (at 8 weeks, they would be the size of kidney beans). Then she told us something we were not expecting, or prepared for. Regina is carrying TWINS!!!! Both of our jaws had to be picked up off the floor. My eyes were watering, and my head was spinning. The nurse then went in for a closer view to do the measurements, heart rate, etc. These pics are from the closeup view. Even at this small size we could easily see their heart beat. The twins are due November 29, 2007.

After the doctor visit, I went back to work and had to immediantly tell everyone I knew. I followed that by delivering a knockout presentation on how I figured out our lastest problem at work, one which was at the highest level we had seen in months and took me an entire week to troubleshoot. Presentation went awesome, and hit a homerun.

At about 3:00, my Engineering Manager came by the lab, with my current group leader, and my old group leader who is also now a good friend to give me a promotion to Software Engineer Level 3.

Awesome day.



--- Article last updated: April 17, 2007 ---