Washington D.C. Vacation

Michael Wales

We got to see tons of stuff, and walked our feet off. We saw the National Portrait Museum, Holocaust Museum, Natural History museum, Air and Space Museum, Botanical Gardens, Freer Gallery, American Indian museum, the National Gallery of Art, and Arlington cemmetery.

We took a midnight bus tour that took us to the Jefferson memorial, FDR memorial, Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial, Korean War memorial (very cool to see at night), and the WW2 memorial.

After seeing all that we still missed the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, the Capitol, the White House (which all need tickets to visit inside), the American History museum (closed), and the Arts and Industries museum (closed). Thats OK, it will just give me something to do one day when my work sends me there.

They had some relatively new stuff in the air and space museum. I got to see Space Ship One (winner of the X-Prize for first private space flight), a Tomahawk Cruise Missle (which I thought would have been much larger), and a Predator UAV (which I thought would be much smaller).

The picture of the Pentagon is from the airplane landing at Reagan airport (I thought it came out pretty good considering I grabbed the camera from the bag, turned it on, and then immediantly shot it through the airplane window.

The tall picture of Washington monument was actually 3 seperate photos stitched together.

--- Article last updated: July 24, 2008 ---