Drag Racing

Oh yeah, you must be a race fan. Every man should know how bad it reeks when rubber burns. Watch me and and my friend Tony (who is sometimes confused with Tonisia on occasion for some reason) break the law right in our own front yards.

Here are the law breaking vehicles at a glance. That 93 Mustang on the left is probably the biggest piece of garbage in the group, but the owner would probably disagree cause it's got some damn good garbage in the trunk. It has about 10 mega watts of bass pushing these big foot wide circlular looking things called woofers. But under the hood its a cheesy 4 cylinder FORD (which we all know stands for: Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge) engine. It's got a 5 speed shifter which does seem to provide some decent fun. The 67 Mustang in the middle is a bit more serious. With a 302 FORD (which we all know stands for: First On Race Day) engine, it probably puts out more horsepower than anything beside it. It had incredible stopping power with good ol' 4 wheel drum brakes on those sexy steel wheels (hub caps not included). It's worth noting that the long tire streak visible in front of the cars is property of the 67 Mustang. Tony at the time was trying unsuccesfully launch his car without wheelspin. Last but not least is my 85 Camaro. With decent power coming from my 2.8L MPFI 4 speed automatic I looked to do some Mustang stomping.

More details about the cars: 67 Mustang, 85 Camaro, 93 Mustang

Lots of shadows and nice viewpoints do these garbage cars more justice than they are worth. Here is Tonisia, err Tony, driving past Sean in his killing machine:

Here is my 85 Camaro throwing some dirt around in the grass:

Onto the actual racing ..

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